Inspired by my interview with taco reporter Andrew Kreighbaum, I decided to go out on location and investigate a couple of taco stands he suggested. This post was written on location at these stands and then edited when I got back to a computer.

Day 1

Taqueria "La Canaria" is located on the corner of Airport Boulevard and 51st Street.

The first stand I’m visiting is called Taqueria “La Canaria” on the corner of Airport Boulevard and 51st Street. The first thing I noticed here is the fact that their tacos are cheaper than most stands on the East side at $1.50.

A good-sized taco for a good price, $1.50.

I ordered two Al Pastor tacos and went inside the 1-Stop Convenience Store next door to buy a drink. The tacos are definitely worth the $1.50: They’re a good size, good tasting and filling.

Day 2

Today I’m visiting a stand called El Jefe’s, which is located on East Riverside and Royal Crest drives but not listed on any of Web sites that I could find. I’m drawn in by the sign of four tacos for $5, so I ordered Al Pastor to make a comparison.

Unfortunately, these tacos are much smaller and four of them aren’t even as filling as the two at La Canaria. The meat is also much drier with less flavor. A lose-lose combination unworthy of photographic identification.

I’m disappointed that I made the drive all the way out to Riverside for unsatisfactory tacos, but at least there’s still La Canaria in my backyard.

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