Photo by oskay via Flickr Creative Commons.

For carnivorous – or even omnivorous – Catholics during Lent, one of the hardest observances is abstaining from meat every Friday. This can be a rough time for college students who rely on burgers from Wendy’s after they get out of class. However, it is customary for some parishes to host non-meat meals during the season as a way of bringing Catholics together.

For most of my college life, during Lent I would stock up on gross, pre-packaged microwavable fish that either smelled horrible once cooked, or had a tendency to have a consistency like rubber. Some would suggest frying your own fish, but that can be time-consuming for the unseasoned pro, and more expensive than some of the meals offered around the diocese. One way of diversifying your eating is to put down that microwavable Gorton’s salmon, and head to one of these parishes.

This week I put together a list of parishes that are hosting meals. Most of the information was available through the Diocese of Austin Web site, but I also added the meals hosted by St. Austin’s (the one on the Drag), which were not included on the list. Most of these parishes will continue to host meals every Friday, but call in advance in case there’s a change in plans. Also, St. Austin’s will be hosting their meal at the University Catholic Center this week, but the location will vary throughout the season. Check their Web site for the full schedule.

Click here for a map of the locations.