Today I am writing about Kim’s magic pop which is healthy and light snack. You can grab this snack at Central Market in Austin. Magic Pop, which is a popular seller item at Central Market, is the crunchy, delicious, and multigrain snack. It is popped right in Central Market and packed in the plastic bag right out of the machine. It can be topped with nutellawhich is hazelnut spread, or various kinds of jams.

Kim's Magic Pop section at Central Market

Kim’s Magic Pop’s name is from Mr. and Mrs. Kim who are owners of Magic pop snack. After years of working together in the food business in South Korea, married couple and business partners Mr. and Mrs. Kim decided it was high time for everyone to enjoy the crisp and tasty goodness of fresh-popped Korean snack cakes.

When I came to the United States there are few options for not so much fat contained snacks. However, it is great for anyone looking for an alternative to high fat snacks and chips. It is made of unbleached wheat flour, rice flour, tapioca starch, white corn flour, water, sugar, soy lecithin, long grain parboiled brown rice, rice powder, salt, soybean oil, natural flavor, and stevia which is a natural sweetener. It is only 15 calories each and is very low in fat, in sodium and sugar free! It is no doubt to say that Magic Pop is a healthy snack.

According to Kim’s Magic Pop homepage, Magic pop will stay fresh in the bag for about a month. But throughout my experience I could not keep this magic snack over a month!

Watching the process of popped snack is fun and grab a bag of Kim’s Magic Pop for your healthy snack time.