Photo by shewatchedthesky via Flickr Creative Commons.

Earlier this week, rumors floating around the internet drew speculation that Starbucks was considering adding a larger, 31-ounce cup to its current tiered scale of Talls, Grandes and Ventes. UT students who heard the news were surely on the edge of their seats, contemplating toting around the two-pound drink from class to class.

Starbucks confirmed the rumors to be true Tuesday, telling Reuters that they were testing their new “Trenta” cups in Tampa and Phoenix. Of all places, Tampa and Phoenix.

As of now, you can’t order a “Trenta White Chocolate Mocha” at your local lurk (there are two on or near campus, two in the Hyde Park area and six more downtown), but you can pick up a 31-ounce iced coffee or iced tea for $3.30 and $2.60, respectively if you head out to the two testing cities.

I’m not real sure why someone would choose a more expensive iced coffee or tea from Starbucks over the cheap, cool drinks you can get at the 7-Eleven on the Drag. I’m always going to be a Big Gulp Slurpee fan, myself, and there are plenty of coffee shops in Austin selling cheaper iced tea or coffee for students to sip on. But to each their own.

Since the testing has just begun, we have a little while before we’ll see the Trenta make an appearance in Austin. But if you’re curious as to what it looks like, here’s a Twitpic of it and for fun, some other names customers have suggested for it.