Today, I will introduce about Jester second floor dining, one of UT’s traditional dining centers, offers “all-you-care-to-eat” or buffet-style dining.

Usually, university students have fast food for their lunch, and it might be unhealthy. Of course, it depends on your choices, however, hamburger from Wendy’s or McDonald’s is cheap and even convenient to grab, but you can get too much calories. For instance, if you get a Jr. Cheeseburger, a medium french fries, and a coke for your lunch from Wendy’s, then you will have 890 calories at once. It is almost half calories based on total recommended calories per day.

So, we need to find another option for healthy eating. But, it should have great tasting, be cheap (we are student!), and be readily available. And here is the option that I will recommend; Jester second floor dining and I guess almost every UT student already know this place :)

I often go to this place and I and my friends enjoy having a lunch. Jester second floor dining features a daily menu including several entrees, starches, vegetables and fruits. Diners can also choose from hamburgers, salads, soups, pasta, baked potatoes and desserts.

Jester second dining via UT webpage

Ms. Brandy Shih, dietitian at UT, said “We have a variety of choices out there available.” She said burger in grill line has turkey patty, wholewheat buns,grilled chicken breast that are available as an option. “So, there is availability to have healthy option.”

I think Jester second floor dining might be absolutely work for UT students because it is readily available, convenient, cheap and even it has a various yummy and healthy dishes! And lastly here is an interesting grade about campus dining, and UT got a B+ as well as Texas A&M. If you are interested, follow the link and look at!

*Basic info:


Monday – Friday Lunch 11:30 am – 2 pm
Dinner 4:30 pm – 7:30 pm