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Ming’s Cafe (located on Guadalupe St., near Kerbey Lane) is one of the many places in the university area that accepts the Go Local Card, so when 2 o’clock rolled around today (like it normally does) and I felt the pangs of hunger (like a person should) I decided to pay Ming’s a visit.

One thing I enjoy about Ming’s in particular are the rock bottom prices for their fried rice entrees. I am a big fan of sauteed (or, I guess in this case, “fried”) vegetables, so although the chicken and shrimp based meals are tasty, my go to is the vegetable fried rice.

The fried rice comes with broccoli, snow peas, onions, carrots, bean sprouts and pieces of scrambled egg. And as you can tell by the photo, they don’t skimp when it comes to providing an ample serving. (I ordered the small!)

But perhaps the most satisfying aspect is the price. With the Go Local Card, the plate costs only $3.89, which easily rivals the dime-a-dozen Americanized Chinese fast food restaurants we have all had the displeasure of regretting later.

So I say do the Austin thing; support your Austin businesses and keep Ming’s Cafe in mind the next time you are in the area.

Image of the Go Local card

The Go Local card for Austin.

Austin has a powerful local oriented charm about it, which rewards those who participate with both the satisfaction of helping local restaurants, and sometimes, a better meal to boot.  But if that is not enough, there is something else out there that might help with that prompting.

The Go Local card (at publication their website was down, but they are in the process of pushing forward a new design, found here) gives local businesses and restaurants the opportunity to provide discounts to cardholders.  Like any other membership based card, all you have to do is present it at the register (or include it with the check).

I originally came across the Go Local card at the Austin Farmers Market, and in my early financial ignorance I never found a way to justify the $10 purchase, but I was quickly proven wrong once I finally picked it up.  Although I am a big supporter of cooking at home as much as you can, being a college aged student I still find myself on the other side of town once in a while and hungry, so any opportunity to knock back the price is appreciated.

So who participates?  If you live (or travel often) to the university area, there are quite a few places that do you may already regularly visit.

  • Kerbey Lane (all locations) – M thru F, 10% off Food & Non-Alcoholic Drinks
  • Ming’s Cafe – 10% off
  • Torchy’s Tacos – 10% off
  • Amy’s Ice Cream – 10% off

(A Google Map mashup of the locations)

(All locations can be found here.)

For me, I visit Ming’s enough (the past two days, as a matter of fact) that the card probably paid for itself in two weeks.  I suggest you take a look at the list (including the non-food related ones) and see if is worth it to you.

The card can be found at most retailers that support it, and is valid for one year.

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