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Sushi Nichi has become my favorite place near campus to get sushi. It’s walking distance from pretty much anywhere on campus, and most of west campus. When I lived in the university towers which is private dorm next to this sushi place I often went there to get sushi or Japanese dishes. Even though I moved out and no longer live there I go to there whenever I want to have sushi. It was little bit drizzling during the afternoon so I and my friend who wanted some hot Japanese dishes stopped there.

I usually grab a couple of rolls (I recommend: dragon, blue moonlight, and spider) or get lunch special bento box (bento is really good and popular and it is more than enough food for lunch: served with miso soup, salad, rice, 4 pcs of california roll, and veggie tempura). However, at this time I tried different one.

We had two pieces of sushi for appetizer.

Then I ordered chicken curry don – chicken, carrot, potato in house curry sauce on rice.

And my friend had tempura udon – noodle soup with crab, shrimp, and veggie tempura.

The sushi was good and tasted fresh. Also my curry dish was pretty good, but not that spetacular…

The prices are reasonable and they now have a happy hour menu from 4-6. It’s nice. As I mentioned earlier part of this post, the blue moonlight is a really popular roll and I definately recommend. Also, if you go during happy hour, try the unfiltered sake. My friend says it’s really milky and sweet and the most perfect compliment to the sushi.

Go and check more information: sushi Nichi.

The only drawback is parking space.. It is limited.. It would be good to walk or bike.


University students are always looking for cheap, convenient, and delicious foods whenever they have a lunch. I think sandwich is one of the quick, inexpensive (of course, depends on what kind of sandwich), and tasteful food for students. There are many sandwich restaurants on the drag and on campus. I willI intended to do a series of reviews of the sandwich restaurants and compare them. The first sandwich shop is WHICH WICH on the drag.

Which Wich logo (via

You can easily find big yellow logo near on the Guadalupe and 24th street. WHICH WICH is a fast casual sandwich chain with its headquarters in Downtown Dallas, Texas. You can dine in or get it to go – either way you are in and out fast.

When you walk in WHICH WICH you can realize that the process is simple: Each bag is pre-labeled, such as “Turkey,” “Italian,” “Vegetarian,” etc. Take a paper bag, then mark the desired sandwich and condiments and hand it to the cashier, who then slides the bag to food prep on a wire.

I usually get a turkey sandwich with lots of veggies, and I ordered same one for today’s lunch. One sandwich is about $5.xx without drinks.

It comes with prepackaged-standard lettuce and tomatoes, and there is also mustard and mayo on the side. Everything inside the sandwich was fresh so it tasted great!

If you like to customize your sandwich because you care about nutrition and calories then Which Wich is worth a try. You can make a light meal whatever you want. Here is the nutritional information. Plus, because you mark on the bag it is less chance of getting the order wrong.

Here is the map of Which Wich on the drag.

If you want to grab it more than on the drag, you can find a location near you!

Today, I will introduce about Jester second floor dining, one of UT’s traditional dining centers, offers “all-you-care-to-eat” or buffet-style dining.

Usually, university students have fast food for their lunch, and it might be unhealthy. Of course, it depends on your choices, however, hamburger from Wendy’s or McDonald’s is cheap and even convenient to grab, but you can get too much calories. For instance, if you get a Jr. Cheeseburger, a medium french fries, and a coke for your lunch from Wendy’s, then you will have 890 calories at once. It is almost half calories based on total recommended calories per day.

So, we need to find another option for healthy eating. But, it should have great tasting, be cheap (we are student!), and be readily available. And here is the option that I will recommend; Jester second floor dining and I guess almost every UT student already know this place :)

I often go to this place and I and my friends enjoy having a lunch. Jester second floor dining features a daily menu including several entrees, starches, vegetables and fruits. Diners can also choose from hamburgers, salads, soups, pasta, baked potatoes and desserts.

Jester second dining via UT webpage

Ms. Brandy Shih, dietitian at UT, said “We have a variety of choices out there available.” She said burger in grill line has turkey patty, wholewheat buns,grilled chicken breast that are available as an option. “So, there is availability to have healthy option.”

I think Jester second floor dining might be absolutely work for UT students because it is readily available, convenient, cheap and even it has a various yummy and healthy dishes! And lastly here is an interesting grade about campus dining, and UT got a B+ as well as Texas A&M. If you are interested, follow the link and look at!

*Basic info:


Monday – Friday Lunch 11:30 am – 2 pm
Dinner 4:30 pm – 7:30 pm


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