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Wheatsville Food Coop reminds me small Whole Foods Market. It is small but they have what I want.  They’ve expanded and got a much bigger better offering of everything.

They display food in a space-efficient way. Everything is clearly and lovingly labeled with state/country of origin, and organic or conventional farming methods.  There’s wide selection and it’s so fresh.

They carry locally grown organic produce. You can get local eggs, local produce, local herbs, local meats, and so on. I think their prices on organic produce and free-range, grass-fed meats are much better than what I’ve seen at Whole Foods Market or Central Market.

John Perkins, finance manager of the Wheatsville, said,

“Buying local is a great way to support our community and it reduces the pollution and other negative ecological effects of transporting the produce long distances.”

Popcorn Tofu via Wheatsville Popcorn Tofu fan page

Also, check out their deli section. They always have plenty of locally made wraps, pitas and sandwiches. I really like the food in the deli and recommend their popcorn tofu.

When you check out your products cashier ask if you are an owner. That’s because they’re a co-op. If you are a owner, present your card to the cashier. You can shop even if you are not a member but can’t use someone else’s owner number at Wheatsville.

Wheatsville is owned and operated by people. The motivating purpose of co-ops is to serve the needs of the members, not to generate a profit. When the co-op makes a profit, it is cycled back into Wheatsville to increase services for the owner, or if sufficient profit is made, it given back to the owners in the form of a patronage refund.

John said,

“One of the greatest advantages to Wheatsville compared with the larger businesses is that our ‘human-scale’ store is simply more convenient, and we maintain personal relationships with our customers.”

* Tips for shopping!

  • Be their facebook or twitter friend and find out about new products!
  • Check out the coupons when you enter the store! They have plenty of coupons at the front for various things being promoted.

Wheatsville Food Coop via google map


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