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All of Whole Foods Markets are filled with a wide variety of fresh and prepared foods and all provide a place in which to dine, but I especially recommend the salad bar because you would be able to better control the vegetable intake than when you order a take-out salad from a restaurant.

Salad Bar at Whole Foods Market

Fresh fruit, vegetables, mixed salads, green salad fixings, vegetarian and vegan dishes, they have it all.

variety at the salad bar

Their salad bar is also extensive, featuring everything from American staples to Middle Eastern and Indian foods. It also has a huge olive bar, a soup bar, and a dessert bar. (However, salad bar offers different kinds of foods depending on size and location of markets.)

You could choose from and plate  or box yourself and then were charged by the pound for. For between $10.00-$15.00 dollars you are guaranteed a delicious, filling and totally good-for-you meal!

Whole Foods does not sell any products that contain unnatural ingredients like dyes or preservatives and most of their food is organic. Mary Olivar, Healthy Eating Specialist of Austin Whole Foods Market, says,

“Some studies found that organic food maybe higher in vitamins. One major benefit of organic food is reducing your exposure to pesticides and other potentionly harmful chemicals. That’s primary reason poeple choose organic foods, especially when they have a family or children for better care of bodies.”

Also, here is the video clip to check out a variety of  prepared food options.


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